Teenager carjacked, Walmart robbed in Ormond Beach

Police are on the hunt for a suspect who shoved a gun at a teenager and cashier in broad daylight, as that teenager shopped at an Ormond Beach Walmart,  just before 9:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

"He followed behind her, pointed a gun at her, demanded her car keys, and took her car,"  Officer Keith Walker, with Ormond Beach Police said.

Police said the suspect was in the store for a couple hours, watching the Customer Service desk and waiting for it to be clear of customers.  Then, they said, he made his move toward the cashier.

Walker said the suspect pointed a firearm at the cashier too, demanding money.    The gun used in this incident might have been a BB gun, or a real firearm.

"A BB gun box was found empty in the Electronics Department, and is the same style as the one used; however, the suspect may in fact have a real firearm," Walker said.  "Nobody was hurt or injured; wasn’t touched. Just a gun pointed at them. They’re both shaken up pretty good.”

Ormond Beach Police released a surveillance video image of the teenager’s stolen car.  The victim’s brother said his sister is physically okay.  Her neighbors were just glad she is alright.

“I’m glad she wasn’t hurt," said Tim Graf, who lives nearby. "You can replace a car; you can’t replace a life.”

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Ormond Beach Police Department.