Teenage sisters arrested after fight on school bus; parents outraged

Two Lyman High School students are facing felony charges, after Altamonte Springs Police say they attacked an officer, but the parents of the two sisters say otherwise.  The incident happened on Monday as students at Lyman High School were on the school bus, on their way home, and were captured on surveillance camera on the bus.

Officers initially responded when a fight broke out in the back of the school bus between teenage boys, it appears several students were involved, forcing the school bus driver to stop the bus  and call police for assistance.

Officers arrived on the scene to try and determine exactly what happened ; when officers went to the back of the school bus, a second struggle began involving a 14-year-old female  student and an officer, that student's 17-year-old sister then got involved trying to help her sibling, but police say the two sisters assaulted the officer, and both  were arrested and charged with battery and resisting an officer with violence.

FOX 35 spoke to the parents of the two sisters who are outraged about the charges.

“He grabbed her and he was choking her and she could not breathe at all,” said Cynthia Taylor, the mother of the two sisters arrested. “She came in to protect her sister yes she did hit the officer one time, there was no kicking, no biting and all of that, that they was talking about.,”

“It's self -explanatory, it's on the tapes, he attacked her, after that it  was self-defense, we've seen the tape we've seen the police attacking children, it's got to stop,” said Mark Hobson , the step-father of the students arrested.

The two sisters are being charged as adults, facing felony charges.