Teen stabbed, robbed while trying to sell watch in parking lot

Ocala police detectives are investigating a report of a robbery and stabbing.

Authorities say a 17-year-old man told them he met someone through Snapchat who was supposed to buy his watch for $150.  He came to a parking lot Saturday evening, with his girlfriend, to close the deal.

The report said the buyer never got out of the car, but three other men did and pointed a gun to his head, demanding his watch. They began fighting.

"He got a stab wound to the leg and some abrasions to his hands," explained Captain Louis Biondi, with the Ocala Police Department.

According to the report, the teenager was taken to the hospital,  but police said he is fine.

Jelisa White, 21, is a Snapchat user.  She was surprised to learn a Snapchat post led to the alleged incident in an Ocala K-Mart parking lot over the weekend.

"It's kind of scary,” White said, “because your life's in danger."

Detectives don't think the teen knew his attackers, but he likely knows who he tried to sell the watch to.

If you do want to sell things online, you can meet them at the safe spot in front of Ocala Police headquarters. It's called the E-Commerce Exchange zone.

Capt. Biondi said, “You really gotta be careful. This is a lesson learned."  It's a lesson White isn't leaving to chance.  "You should always bring somebody with you,” she added.

There are no arrests yet, and detectives are working leads. Police hope to have the case solved soon.