Teen honored for helping save mom

In front of first responders and community members, J.T. Wood received the 911 Local Heroes Medal of Honor.

The award recognized him for his courage to call 911 and help his mother get the emergency care she needed.  It was February 2018, when he and his mother were out walking their bikes across a crosswalk not far from their home.

"The car did a right on red without looking over, and he ended up hitting her and knocking her down, and I immediately jumped off and called 911," Wood explained. “She was in a lot of pain I could tell.”

Only 13 years old at the time, he witnessed his mother’s traumatic injury, but due to his calm and quick thinking, the ambulance arrived in minutes.

“I spent a week in the hospital and followed by three months in a wheelchair and then a year of recovery,” said Roni Woods. 

Her youngest of five children has stayed by her side throughout her long recovery. Both of them thankful that the outcome wasn’t any worse.

“I think it really hit him after seeing me in the hospital...the reality of the situation," Roni said. "Just thanked him over and over again.”

She said seeing her son receive this award warms her heart.