Teen escapes injury after car slams into Ormond Beach house

An Ormond Beach homeowner said she was away from her home on vacation, when a car slammed into the house and through her bedroom wall.

Her 19-year-old niece, who was house-sitting at the time, was sleeping in that bedroom when the crash occurred.  Incredibly, she was okay, despite bricks, glass, and car parts flying everywhere; however, the bedroom's bureau almost fell onto the bed.

The crash happened early Saturday morning at the intersection of Fleming Avenue and Aston Circle.
People there worry that one day somebody will get hurt. 

"It's dangerous! There are a lot of little kids out here," said Rhode Apple. "God forbid you hit one of those kids!" 

Ormond Beach Police saids the driver in Saturday's crash had health issues and speed was not the primary factor, but residents there said drivers routinely go more than twice the 25 mile an hour speed limit.  Police do patrol the area, but as soon as officers leave, drivers tend to speed through, according to residents. 

"We're out there as much as we can. What we're doing now is we're going to explore some traffic calming techniques for that area," said Ormond Beach Police Chief Jesse Godfrey. 

Some of those techniques could be speed bumps or speed tables. The city would only install those if neighbors approve. They plan to speak with neighbors about different safety options.