Technology allows for quick construction of Lake House Apartments

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With all the construction going on in Downtown Orlando, it might be easy to miss yet another building going up, but there's something different happening at Lake Ivanhoe. 

A 9-story luxury apartment building, called the Lake House Apartments, is going up quickly, because it's pretty much already built at another location and then assembled on-site.

The 252 units of luxury living are perfectly positioned for dramatic sunrises and picturesque sunsets. 

"This is so special, because are you just north of downtown, just south of the hospital," said developer John Zeledon, with OneEleven Residential, "and this is an eclectic area of restaurants, bars, great shops, great retailers."

Zeledon may be developing this project and excited about the location and amenities, but he's sold on the people he has got putting it together. Their methodology is a paradigm shift in how buildings are constructed. 

"Everything here is concrete, we make a manufacturing facility out near Apopka and truck each piece here, almost like a 50,000-pound LEGO, if you will, and erect them together," explained Bill Finfrock, of Finfrock.

It means the entire building is already built to exact specifications.

"You can literally watch the crane spin, set a pieces, spin around and then a truck will drive up, because it's all like a FedEx package," Zeledon said. "They know exactly where it is." 

Lake House is coming together quickly, with the first tenants expected to arrive early next year.