Tech Tuesday: Save Hours, Miles, Money, and Headaches Using These Tech Tips For Apartment Hunting

1) Virtual Reality (VR) walk thru, 3D Tours & Google Street View

All The Rental Girl rentals feature Virtual 3D Tours.
You can virtually "walk" through rentals from your computer or iPhone.
This, coupled with Google street view, you can walk thru neighborhoods, check out what the street and area is like, and then "walk" into a rental and check out the rental features. 
Saves time, energy.

2) Rently Virtual Lockboxes

Many landlords live far from their rental properties, property managers sometimes have to drive across town to show listings – Rently provides virtual lockboxes that allow landlords to give access safely and securely to renters. Renters log in, enter their credit card and DL to verify their identity, chose a showing time and Rently sends a lockbox code to retrieve the keys on the property.
Saves renters the headache of scheduling showings, working around a property owners schedule
We see the market moving more in the direction of automation, and this a good example of that.  

3) Lemonade App

Lemonade is a renter and home owner insurance app for millennials, by millennials.
What we love about Lemonade is they make is so easy to apply for renter's insurance, and it's as cheap as $5/month.

4) COZY App

Who has a checkbook anymore? Online payment rent options have for a long time only been available to property managers, larger management companies with expensive software. Cozy is a new, free app for landlords and tenants – it allows the tenant to pay rent thru their app at no cost to either party.
It's tracks payment history, and you can choose to report your payments to Experian's RentBureau to start building your credit.

For more tips and links to the content mentioned here, head on over to their blog They have a whole list of them!