Teachers to hold laptop drive for Orange County students who still need devices

Teachers are planning a laptop drive, as some Orange County students are still waiting for a device.

Months into the school year, Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) says it's getting closer to getting every student a device after a nationwide shortage.

"If every student had a laptop, that would be awesome," said Kate Demory, a teacher at Winter Park High School. "I know that a lot of teachers will be relieved because they care about their students." 

Demory says not having a laptop has made it hard for some of her students to succeed and keep up with their classmates. 

OCPS Administration building. (FOX 35 Orlando)

"Everyone needs a device to access their assignments, turn in their assignments," Demory said. 

OCPS says nearly all of its students have laptops. The district says another shipment of 1,500 will arrive next week and another 1,500 shortly after that. 

Demory has a nonprofit called Army of Angels and teamed up with Aeres Technologies to hold a device drive last month to collect laptops for students. Now, they're ready to host another drive Friday morning at Audubon Park School. Aeres Technologies will be onsite to clear all of the laptops to make sure it's safe to give to a student.

"We have students that have been without a laptop for nine weeks, so I feel like they’re being left behind," said CEO of Aeras Technologies David Collins. 

Demory says there is still a need for more laptops. They're hoping to help make sure all students succeed this year. 

"As new students get devices, more break," Demory said. "Once everyone has a device, great, but this is just going to keep going and going with the breakage and things like that. There will always be a need to have extra devices on hand."

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