Teacher's aide at behavioral school accused of sex with student

Palm Bay police say 35-year-old Alana Chasky had an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old student while she was employed with the Riverdale Country Day School, a school for students with emotional and behavioral disorders.

"She was a student's aide and she met this particular victim on the bus" said Palm Bay Police Lt. Mike Bandish. "She rode the bus back and forth... and that's where they met."

Chaskey's arrest affidavit says the victim's mother initially gave her son permission to visit the teacher's aide who was "assisting with his behavioral problems". The document claims the aide and the student later began a sexual relationship at her Palm Bay home. Police say the mother turned over inappropriate text messages sent between the teenager and the teacher's aide during their seven month relationship.

The 35-year-old went before a judge today, where she was held in jail on probable cause for two felonies involving sex with a minor. Police say Chasky will no longer be working at Riverdale Country Day School.

"The teacher resigned before we concluded our investigation" said Lt. Bandish. "And then she turned herself in and she's up in Sharpes on a $60,000 bail."

A judge said Chasky has no prior criminal history, but he still ordered her not to come in contact with the victim and not travel any closer than a mile from the school. Riverdale Country Day School is run by a private company, but has a contract with Brevard Public Schools for 87 students.