Taking beauty to the streets of Skid Row

When Shirley Raines, a Long Beach mother of 6, began serving food to the homeless people of Skid Row, she discovered the women were more interested in her unique style. They wanted to learn how to do their hair and makeup just like hers. That’s when Raines got a bright idea to take beauty to the streets.

With the help of volunteers over the last three years, Raines sets up mobile beauty stations at the corner of 5th Street and Town Avenue. The beauty sessions -- along with food servings are held every Saturday.

Here's Shirley Raines on Good Day LA talking about her experience:

“I’m not looking to get anybody off the streets, that’s the biggest criticism I get. That’s not what I’m looking to do. I’m looking to change their self esteem, help them look better. Getting off the streets is way bigger than myself,” says Raines.  

Since Skid Row can be a violent and dangerous place, Raines enlisted the help of a fearless group of bikers known as Fighters For The World MC. They provide security, help feed the homeless and can also give haircuts.

The pampering would go all day long if it weren’t for a shortage of water. Raines has to bring the water from home. Once it’s all gone, the beauty sessions come to an end. She’s hoping to change that by raising enough money to buy a couple of mobile showers with their own water supply.


To find out more about Raines and her beauty mission, check out her Instagram account.