Take a sneak peak at Universal Orlando's newest attraction: Fast & Furious -- Supercharged

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Universal Orlando Resort has announced that their newest attraction, Fast & Furious -- Supercharged, will be opening soon at Universal Studios Florida. 

Upon entering the attraction, they say that you will become immersed in the storyline. You'll encounter Dom's iconic car parked out front of the new home base of operations for the Fast & Furious family. 

Inside, they say that you will explore familiar scenes from the films like Tej's high-tech War Room, where you learn more about your mission.

There will also reportedly be garages filled with supped up cars designed by Dennis McCarthy, the man behind the vehicles created for the film. Several of the cars there will actually be from the Fast & Furious movies. There will also be an all-new vehicle designed exclusively for thea attraction -- Letty's Turbo Truck.