Swastika painted on Seminole County homeowner's garage door

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A Seminole County family woke up Tuesday to find a large swastika spray-painted on their garage door.  It happened in the Autumn Glen neighborhood near Red Bug Lake Road.  Alongside the swastika, the word “Surprise” was written in big bold letters.

“To think that this anti-Semitism exists in our community, in our backyard, in our neighbor’s backyard, it’s inexcusable,” said one neighbor.

This is the second case of anti-Semantic vandalism in Seminole County in the last few weeks.  In October, someone drew an “X” over a woman’s flag of Israel in Oviedo.  Both of the families worship at Temple Shir Shalom in Oviedo, but Seminole County deputies are still investigating whether the incidents are related.

The homeowners didn’t want to speak on camera, telling FOX 35 they’re dealing with this in their own way and promising to find the person who did it.  The message on their door drew residents over in curiosity, neighbors who left in disgust.

“People need to see this,” said neighbor Robert Smith. “This is awful and I just cannot believe this. It’s sad.”

The Sheriff’s Office doesn’t have any suspects at this point. Detectives are investigating the incident as criminal mischief, but it could be upgraded to a hate crime.  The homeowner said he is leaving the swastika on his garage