Suspicious driver who approached boy walking to bus stop was Lyft driver looking for customer with same name

The Lake County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday that a suspicious incident where a man approached a boy who was walking to his bus stop last wheel was an "innocent misunderstanding" and turned out to be a Lyft driver looking for a customer.

Last week, the boy told deputies he was walking to his bus stop near Clermont, Florida, when a man in a vehicle approached him and apparently knew his name. The boy refused to get in the man's car, called his mom, and ran to a nearby home to wait for the bus.

Deputies said through its investigation, it turns out the Lyft customer and the boy coincidentally had the same name.

The Lyft driver was reportedly looking for the customer, verified the boy's name and since it was the same, said he was there to pick him up. 

LCSO said the Lyft driver has been "completely cooperative" and that detectives were able to verify the information on the customer he was planning to pickup in the area of the bus stop where the boy was walking.