Suspects sought in violent Leesburg robbery

For the workers at the Dreamers Internet Café, it was a minute and a half of horror.

Employees inside were just having a conversation when the two thugs bust in, pushing an innocent man ahead of them. One creep forces the man to sit on the floor while the other threatens the workers.

Deputies say when one of the employees tries to convince the men to leave he smacks her in the face with the gun.

They grab all the cash from the registers, and papers from a jar that one shoves into his pocket. They grab a woman's purse, rip out everything they think is valuable.

Deputies say when the woman pleaded that her kid's medication was inside, they hurled it back at her face. Then they make their getaway.

Luckily the whole thing was caught on video, and deputies are on a manhunt for these low-lifes.

Deputies say the thieves also stole one of workers' iPhones. They later recovered the phone, though, and they're now scouring it for clues.