Suspects arrested after woman critically injured in Daytona Beach brawl

Daytona Beach police have arrested two men they said were involved in a brawl that left an innocent woman with a brain injury. 

Daniel Leonard was booked into the Flagler County Jail and has posted bond. Kyle James Oliver remains in custody at the Volusia County Branch Jail with a $100,000 bond.

"Very pleased to report that both suspects that critically injured this innocent woman who was in town for her son’s wedding are IN CUSTODY!!!!!" Deputy Chief Jakari Young tweeted. "Great job by @DaytonaBchPD detectives who worked tirelessly to get justice for the victim and her family."

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Barry Burich said his wife, Pamela, were in town to attend their son's wedding. Pamela has been in the hospital since Sept. 12, when the incident happened. 

"Just the small improvements she’s making has made a world of a difference to us,” Burich said. "She has started to respond much better, answering some of the things the doctor is requesting her to do.” 

Barry and Pamela were walking back from a bar the night before their son’s wedding in the area of Seabreeze Boulevard and Grandview, before Barry said they saw a group of people fighting. 

That fight then escalated into a massive brawl. 

“It turned into five and 10 [people,] and 10 and 20, and it just snowballed so quickly.”

Although the couple tried to keep their distance, the brawl moved toward them.  

Barry said Pamela got caught in the middle when she was punched and knocked to the ground. 

The blow caused a brain bleed and almost cost Pamela her life. 

"I would not wish this upon anybody. It’s just been absolutely terrifying."