Suspect killed during high-speed pursuit

Ocala Police say, once they spotted Evan Smith on the road, the chase was on and video recorded by a dashboard camera inside a patrol car tells the story.

Smith, accused of driving a stolen SUV, gunned the engine once the officers hit their lights. Smith, who had a long criminal history, led them on a dangerous chase through Ocala’s streets.

“Traffic is light, speeds about 75,” the officer says on the video.

Within seconds, they reached speeds of 85 miles per hour and Smith started weaving around traffic to lose the police.

“Coming up on a semi-truck,” the officer says. “We are preparing to go around it on the shoulder, stand by.”

Eventually, the pursuit moved on to Interstate 75.

“Inside lane, still westbound and... looks like we're getting on the interstate.”

Getting on the highway, Smith wove all over the road, then started speeding up the highway.

“Channel nine, authorized to leave the city. Northbound, speed 85 mph, light to no traffic,” the officer said.

Eventually Smith started to swerve dangerously.

“He's swerving, looks like he may have popped a tire,” the officer said, before adding, “Signal four! Signal four! Rollover!” as Smith rolled off the road.

The rollover threw Smith from the SUV. Paramedics took him to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Ocala police said it looked like officers handled the chase by the book.

“As far as I can tell right now, from the information I have, the pursuit looks like a good pursuit at this point in time,” said Ocala Police Lt. Angy Scroble.

Police say they'll be reviewing the chase video.