Suspect breaks into home and exposes himself to sleeping woman

The Orange County Sheriff's Office reported that on January 10th, a man was arrested for breaking into a home and performing a sexual act over a sleeping woman.

The sheriff's office says that at about 1:08 p.m., deputies responded to an occupied burglary on South Orange Blossom Trial. 

Upon arrival, deputies say that the victim stated that she was asleep inside her residence when she woke up and saw an unknown black male, identified as Nathanael Daniel, on the side of her bed and somewhat leaning over. She said that he had his genitalia exposed and was holding it in his hand. 

The victim went on to tell deputies that once he noticed she was awake, he asked her if she would perform a certain sexual act on him, to which she jumped back and said no. She ran out of her residence and made contact with her neighbor. Daniel then walked into her bathroom for three minutes before leaving the residence. 

Deputies say that the victim said she did not give Daniel permission to enter her home or to expose himself. And although she admits to seeing him before, she says she never has spent any time with him before as friends.

Deputies reportedly located and secured Daniel at the intersection of Jordan Avenue and Chancery Lane. Ginger was able to confirm that Daniel was the man standing over her exposed. 

Although Daniel denies exposing his genitalia to the victim, Daniel was arrested and transported to the Orange County Jail without incident.