Surfer bit by shark at Ponce Inlet

People who came out to the Ponce Inlet beach on Tuesday had plenty of sand and waves to themselves. But a surfer nearly lost a toe there, just after noon.

Volusia County Beach patrol says the 29 year-old Edgewater man had just stepped into the water when he noticed a three-and-a-half foot shark swimming right there. They say the shark was chasing small mullet fish that were in the water and decided to chomp-down on the surfer's foot.
Fortunately, it was a minor bite, and the surfer was treated on the beach. 

Beach Patrol says look out if you see small fish in the water near you. “If you see baitfish running or birds dropping after the baitfish then clear the area temporarily until that passes. With baitfish comes bigger fish so it's a good idea to get out of the way,” advised Capt. Tammy Malphurs, with Volusia County Beach Patrol. 

They said the man even wanted to go back in the water after the shark bit him, but he decided not to because he worried his wife would get mad at him.