Storms bring down large tree in Mount Dora

The damage speaks for itself -- a heritage tree was taken down by a storm that produced winds of about 45 mph in Lake County.  There was a significant weather advisory for the area until 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday evening, and in that time, the tree came down.

The City of Mount Dora designates older trees of "significant value" as heritage trees. The tree came down in front of two business, and trapped two cars. Officials won't be able to fully assess the damage until the tree is removed.  The mayor says that once the crews have the equipment they need to remove this tree, it should only take about an hour to clean up.

In the meantime, the mayor says he is proud of the city's quick response to clean things up just after it happened, "They were out there immediately and police and fire responded. Everybody's out here doing what they have to do to get electricity back on to the customers. We had some sporadic outages but they're being covered as quickly as possible." said Mayor Nick Girone.

Girone added that to his knowledge there were no reports of injuries due to the storm.