'Stop the Biden Steal' protest held at Lake Eola in Orlando

A 'Stop the Biden Steal' protest was held in Lake Eola in Orlando on Thursday afternoon.

FOX 35 reporter Robert Guadarrama visited the rally and spotted about 100 President Trump supporters gathered, waving flags at honking vehicles.

"This is grassroots organized, this is not authorized by any campaign, this is just a bunch of former volunteers that volunteered for the campaign, knocked on doors, and feel really passionate that our free and fair elections are at risk and at jeopardy," Abraham Lopez, a member of Latinos for Trump that attended the protest, told FOX 35. "What we're seeing all over this country and swing states have us really worried. And all we're asking for is fair and free elections. Free from any tampering."

FOX 35 also spoke to Orange County Democratic Party Chairman Wes Hodge, who said that "we're seeing the Trump campaign hypocrisy on full display. We're seeing in Michigan, they want them to stop counting the votes. In Arizona, they're chanting keep counting the votes. You know, we can't have it both ways, it's not democracy of choice. It's democracy."

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Both 'Stop the Count' and 'Count Every Vote' have erupted in several states across the country, pushing claims of voter fraud driven by President Donald Trump. For example, in Pennsylvania, organizers from a group called 'Freedom Works For America' called on all "patriots" to meet to "make sure Joe Biden does not steal the election."

Some of these demonstrations have met counter-protests, with groups pushing for every vote to be counted. In Pennsylvania, groups were seen holding a banner that read "Trump/Pence out now" and holding signs denouncing the Trump administration.

In Minneapolis, demonstrators lined the interstate Wednesday night, highlighting not so much an issue with how ballots and tallying were being handled, but their dissatisfaction with both political parties, who they said "actively participate in the suppression of the people’s voice," according to FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul.

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Then in Arizona, President Trump supporters took to the steps of Arizona's State Capitol, chanting "four more years" and "we love Trump," on Wednesday night. Some counter-protesters showed up, but the gathering remained civil. 

In Detroit, a group of organizations called for every ballot to be counted from the historically Democratic-voting city Wednesday.

In New York, the NYPD announced that it had made approximately 50 arrests following protests in New York City on Wednesday night as demonstrators started fires, spit, and threw eggs at officers, FOX 5 New York reported.

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Meanwhile, a riot was declared in Portland, Oregon, and protesters took to the streets in Seattle on Wednesday as demonstrators demanded that every vote in Tuesday’s election be counted. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown called the National Guard to manage the unrest in Portland, which has been a scene of regular protests for months.

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