Stolen games and more returned to boy

A six-year-old boy has his PlayStation games back after deputies tracked the items as well as the alleged thief.
Nichole Ashley was stunned when she realized someone stole all of her son's PlayStation 4 games.  Little Jordan had more than a dozen taken.

"He was very upset. The first thing he said when he saw all our stuff was gone he said you and daddy worked really hard to buy me those things. So it was really sad."

Deputies say someone broke into the DeLand home, through a bedroom window.

"I walk over here and there was glass and a rock on the floor."

But Jordan got all his favorite games back after deputies got a lucky break.  They located the stolen video games at a Game Stop less than five miles away from Nicole's home.

"Whoever did it pawned it for cash so they had to sign a pawnbroker act form and they left a fingerprint on the form, their signature and they were on camera."

Police arrested 19-year-old Dazhah Williams after her grandmother turned her into authorities.

At first Jordan wasn't allowed to bring his games back home, because he didn't have a serial number from his console.

"He didn't have the serial numbers but he had special stickers on them and special controller that went with it so when we opened the box it had the same sticker and the same controller with it."

Nicole says Game Stop returned all their games for free -- there's usually a charge to get stolen items back. She's grateful to everyone who stepped up to help, even the deputies who let Jordan play in their patrol car after his games were stolen.

"Makes me feel good that even though something bad happened to us, it taught us that there's really good people that will help you that don't even know."

Williams is charged with grand theft, burglary and dealing in stolen items.