Still looking for Clorox wipes? CEO says they won't be fully restocked until summer

(Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Are you still going down the cleaning supplies aisles at stores only to be disappointed when the shelf is empty where sanitizing wipes used to be?

Sorry to tell you, but it might be like that for quite awhile.

CEO and Chairman of Clorox, Benno Dorer, told Yahoo Finance that they are working hard to produce more wipes to meet the demand, but Americans shouldn't expect fully stocked shelves until the summer time.

“We think that there’s going to be substantial improvement this summer [in availability],” Dorer told Yahoo Finance. “It’s going to be touch and go until then, unfortunately. But help is on the way, and I think things should ease up in the next few months.”

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The company has seen a boom in sales since the coronavirus pandemic began. Shoppers stocked up on supplies at a furious rate, including those hard-to-find sanitizing wipes.

“We have significantly increased our production,” Dorer said. “We’ve done so by simplifying our lineup, which allows our lines to run faster. We turned out 40% more products last quarter than we did in the previous year’s quarter.”

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Price gouging complaints have surged as many Americans are putting essential items online for high prices looking to make a profit. Dorer says he's working with the Consumer Brands Association and the Department of Justice to try and prevent it.