State Attorney Andrew Bain talks about his first month in office

Ninth Judicial Circuit State Attorney Andrew Bain took over the role last month after Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended Monique Worrell.

Bain said one of his biggest challenges in the first month is rebuilding staff. He said he’s trying to attract more prosecutors with more experience.

"Unfortunately, it came with clearing house first," Bain said. "Then, so you can reinstall leadership."

Bain is no stranger to the 9th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office. He was Assistant State Attorney between 2013 and 2020 before he was appointed to a judgeship.

"At heart it’s still the same," Bain said. "At heart the point of the office is justice."

Bain is almost one third of the way through his first 100 days in office. He told staff when he took over he wanted to "restore order and restore faith in the law."

His top priorities include "rebuilding public trust, ensuring accountability and strengthening law enforcement partnerships."

Bain said his office is furthest along with his goal of rebuilding public trust.

"We’re trying to wipe the slate clean of things that were going on before, and we’re trying to build a new relationship," Bain said.

Among Gov. DeSantis’ reasons for suspending Monique Worrell, he said she avoided mandatory minimums for gun crimes and allowed juvenile offenders to avoid serious charges and incarceration.

Bain said his office is reviewing cases dropped by the previous administration.

"There has to be a line," Bain said. "It doesn’t make sense for us to have a society where violent offenders are free to roam, free to let go, free to avoid a consequence."

While Bain takes over the rest of Worrell’s term, the job is on the ballot again next year.

Bain told FOX 35 he plans to run. Worrell’s previously announced her intention to run for re-election.

Worrell has also said she’s assembling a legal team to fight the suspension.