Star Winter Springs cross country runner commits to Stanford University

"One-hundred fifty meters to go! Keep an eye on Caroline Wells from Winter Springs!" 

It’s not hard to keep an eye on Caroline Wells, because when she runs, you can’t take your eyes off her.

"The whole thing has been just a rocket ride for the last four years," said Wells’s father Craig Wells.

"Amazing to be around. She’s just the light of our campus here," said Winter Springs Athletic Director Scott Gomrad.

Caroline Wells is not only the best female cross country runner in Florida, according to For most of the year, the Winter Springs High School senior has been the top female runner in the country.

"She did it!"

"I could imagine that that number one seed is going to come back again because someone’s on her list, and she’s going to compete and try to be the best. That’s who she is," said Craig Wells.

"I still have a couple races left in my cross country season so hopefully I can be a good national contender at the actual national meet," said Caroline Wells.

She runs a 4:42 mile, and a 5K in 16 minutes and 40 seconds.

"I love the competitive environment. And I really just love to run. And I just think it’s a great way to get my mind off things and I just love to compete as well," said Wells.

She’s now signed a letter of intent for Stanford University, where she’ll continue to run and hopes to go pro. 

Her father has no doubts. "When she was a freshman, she had a pecking list of who was better when she got into this, and every time that she crossed someone off, she looked at the city, she looked at the county, she looked at the state and now it’s to the national level."

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