Sponsored Advertising: Yes, you need a used car history report

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When it comes down to checking a preowned car’s background, how thorough do you really need to be? Can you take the seller’s word at face value and sign the dotted line? Or should you pull a used car history report to get more detail and fill in some of the blanks?

Should you pull this report when shopping Orlando preowned vehicles?

At Toyota of Orlando, we recommend you do the leg work. A car is a big investment meant to last a long time, so the last thing you want is to sink your money into something unreliable. Here are four things you can double check if you take just a few minutes to request a used car history report! Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

Previous ownership

How many owners has the car had in the past? It may not seem like a big deal, but sometimes multiple owners can mean a higher probability of accidents and missed auto care appointments. Make sure the number of previous drivers is something you’re comfortable with, and be sure to double check accident history and service records before you make your final decision.


You should be able to take the number on the odometer and assume that’s the mileage on the car, right? For the most part. But occasionally, a dishonest seller will tamper with the odometer, rolling it back so it looks like there’s less mileage on the car. Be sure to cross-reference the odometer number with the number on your used car history report. They should match and if they don’t, go with the one on the report… and walk away.

Accidents & Collisions

Any accidents or collisions that a car has been in can bring down its resale value. They can also lead to problems – i.e. future repairs – that can take a toll on your bank account. A used car history report is a great way to check and see if the vehicle has been in any accidents so you can get more details from the seller. However, if no accidents are recorded on the report, but you notice accident signs on the car (like mismatched paint, panels that don’t meet, etc.) be sure to question the seller.

Auto service

Routine auto service ensures that a car has a long life and also helps to maintain a higher resale value. Check service records to ensure the Orlando used car you’re thinking about buying has had the TLC it deserves over its lifetime. Otherwise, you may end up shelling out in the future.

A used car history report can give you the peace of mind you deserve

And the best news yet? At Toyota of Orlando, when you shop our used vehicles we’ll give you a vehicle history report free of charge so you can do your homework and decide if this is REALLY the right ride for you. So yes, you need to pull one, and yes, it’ll help you feel more confident in your final decision!

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