Sponsored Advertising: 4 signs your transmission fluid is low

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Do you think your car may be running low on transmission fluid? Do you actually know the important purpose that this fluid serves under the hood? Toyota of Clermont is here to help you troubleshoot your car’s transmission, explain what this fluid does, and give you info on how to tell if you need to schedule an auto service appointment at our dealership.

What is transmission fluid and why does it matter?

First, let’s talk about what transmission fluid is and what it does. It’s the fluid that keeps your transmission lubricated and running smoothly, and it also helps keep things cool under the hood. When you run low on it or it runs out, you run the risk of shifting problems, loss of acceleration, and even total breakdown if the problem progresses enough. That’s why it’s so essential to check and replace transmission fluid on a regular basis. Luckily, our techs can add this to your car maintenance schedule and let you know when you’re due for an appointment.

Are you running low on this important fluid?

How do you know if you’re running low? Here are four signs that our Clermont Toyota service techs warned us of:

1) You notice that your transmission is slipping. If you shift your car into a new gear and it slips back into the old one, you’ve got a problem. Other indicators include your RPMs spiking right before you shift, a funny noise coming from under the hood, and jerky shifting overall. This can mean your transmission fluid is low and you need to visit Toyota of Clermont’s service center.

2) Your car is suffering from unusual gear shifts. Do you feel like your car is taking forever to shift gears, or like it’s changing them too fast? This is an abnormality caused by low transmission fluid, so be sure to schedule an appointment to have things checked out.

3) You notice that there’s a delay when you shift. If you feel like there’s a 2-3 second period of delay when you put your car into drive or reverse, then you’ve got transmission problems. The lack of fluid prevents proper hydraulic pressure, so your car has trouble moving into these gears.

4) Your car won’t run. If your car simply won’t move or shift any gears, then your transmission fluid is dangerously low and you’re running a risk of a future breakdown. Be sure to call Toyota of Clermont right away to schedule an appointment to have it replaced before more damage is done.

Don’t risk running your car into the ground for something so simple AND affordable. Get on a routine car care schedule and include your transmission fluid in it! You can call Toyota of Clermont seven days a week to get your appointment scheduled and have our techs get under the hood. You can reach us today at (352) 404-7001! 

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