'Spider-Man burglar' makes holes to access storage units and shops in Melbourne

He’s agile, handy, and police call him the versatile burglar putting holes in Brevard County businesses and stealing their stuff.

A cell phone repair shop connected to a self storage center is the latest spot to be hit. The suspect’s methods are like Mission Impossible stunts. During the overnight hours Monday into Tuesday, police say the suspect scaled a wall on the side of a commercial mini-mall, hoisted himself up to the roof- then he made a hole and got in.  Once inside, he found tools imake more holes and helped himself to people’s belongings.

The break-in has baffled and rattled Karen Reynolds.

“He cut open everything and went through the storage units, then he cut a hole in my wall and came in here, but my alarm went off,” Reynolds said.

Karen is the woman you see when you drop your cell phone. She repairs electronics. Behind her shop is a corridor leading to storage units. According to police, the crook came in from the roof, used bolt cutters to open a unit and then he found a landscaping tree trimming pulse saw. Police say that was a tool of opportunity.

The suspect then buzzed through drywall and picked items out of 16 storage units.  He might've thought he was about to be in another storage unit, but he ended up in Karen’s store. The alarm spooked him, he ran off.

Police say he wears dark clothing, he has an all black Adidas hat. They think he may be responsible for a handful of other break-ins. Police are asking for the public's help identifying the suspect, and they’re asking for people to keep an eye on businesses near them for suspicious activity.

Call Melbourne Police Tip Line at 321-608-TIPS (8477).  You can remain anonymous.