SpaceX's Starship to be built in, launched from Florida

SpaceX has announced some big news about the future of flight in Central Florida.

It all started with a tweet from SpaceX founder Elon Musk confirming  the "Mars" Starship will not only be launched from Florida but it will be  built here. 





SpaceX is hoping the Starship will some day send astronauts to Mars. In the past, rockets have been built elsewhere and then moved to Florida to launch. Texas will also be home to some  liftoff and assembly operations.

"Working on regulatory approval for both Boca Chica, Texas, and Cape Kennedy, Florida," Musk said Sundayvia Twitter. "Will also be building Starship and Super Heavy simultaneously in both locations.

"The possibilities are endless," said Jon Cowart, NASA Orbiter Engineering Manager. "I love what it's doing for space exploration." 

A prototype, known as "hopper," is already at the SpaceX test site in Texas.