Sonic the dog helping school system keep vapes out

Meet Sonic, the dog helping schools stomp out the teen vaping epidemic.

As the news station reported Monday, vaping devices are the most common cause for expulsion in Brevard county schools. Sonic and his deputy handler are working to detect and deter the vaping.

“So if he comes across an odor he’s trained to detect, he will notify me with a sit or often-times he’ll bark at me,” Cpl. Kirk Geweniger explained.

Sonic can detect THC oil in vaping devices even if they’re hidden inside a locker or the glove-compartment of a car. Kirk says many kids like the sight of Sonic on school grounds and like the interaction law-enforcement, but the ones trying to sneak in vapes head in the opposite direction.

“We’re trying to stop them from doing something that they really want to do,” Kirk said. “Very few of the kids know my name, but they all know Sonic.”