Some in Osceola displaced due to Irma flooding

Some residents in Osceola County are dealing with flooding after hurricane Irma’s power pushed a creek to overflow.

“The water is just something that is holding and that's very scary,” said Kellie Maines, who lives in the affected neighborhood.

The water was so high along Pleasant Hill Road near Kissimmee it was starting to cover mailboxes and seep into cars and homes.

“I cried this morning. Me and my husband, we work very hard for this and it's our dream,” Maines said, referencing her home.

About a block away, local responders were carrying out rescue operations at the Good Samaritan Society – Kissimmee Village. The senior community was placed under a mandatory evacuation Tuesday.

Osceola County officials say some parts of the property are under feet of water. They say many residents left on their own but a couple hundred had to be evacuated.

Dozens of ambulances were brought in to help move nursing home residents to a different Good Samaritan facility, according local officials.

Now people who live in the area are left waiting and watching. Some say they feel helpless dealing with the aftermath of the monster storm.

“I just hope, I hope the water goes down. I'm hoping that it doesn't stick around. That's the best I can do,” Maines said.