Florida panhandle beach reopens after series of shark attacks leave 3 people hospitalized

A couple of beaches in Florida's panhandle have reopened after three women were attacked by sharks just hours apart in Walton County. 

The first attack happened Friday afternoon when a 45-year-old woman was swimming past a sandbar with her husband when she was attacked. The woman suffered injuries to her midsection and an amputation of her left lower arm. She was listed in critical condition. 

The second incident happened at 2:56 p.m. at Sandy Shores Court in the area of Seacrest Beach, just east of the first shark bite. Two teenagers were injured in the attack. The teens were with a group of friends inside a sandbar at about waist-deep water.

One teen suffered injuries to one upper and one lower extremity and was transported by air to a local hospital. The second teen suffered flesh wounds to her right foot and is in stable condition. 

During a press conference, the Walton County Sheriff said citizens at the scene helped with rendering aid to the victims after the attack. 

Officials said it is highly unusual for these types of shark attacks to happen so close together. 


Several miles of the beach were closed for at least a day as officials canvassed the waters for sharks. 

Walton County is located on the Emerald Coast in the northwestern part of Florida