Some families spend Christmas at Ronald McDonald House

Christmas Day can be a difficult time for some families facing hardships. 

The families at the Ronald McDonald House know this all too well around this time of year.

There are 53 people staying the Ronald McDonald House next to Florida Hospital in Orlando. 

They’re all fighting and praying for their children to come home.

Even though they are all away from home on Christmas, the Ronald McDonald House has helped make this a special place.

“Coming into the hospital and not feeling your baby move is just beyond overwhelming,” Teresa Grant said. “To know that you have a gift inside of you and there’s a chance that that gift could be taken was just quite overwhelming.”

At 31 weeks, doctors performed an emergency C-section.

Now at three weeks old, baby Kareesa is learning to use a bottle.

“Being able to be there to feed her just kinda help her and have that bonding time is beyond my comprehension of a blessing,” Grant said.

She and her husband now have seven children and live in Palm Coast.

They said being able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Orlando was an answer to a prayer.

“An unbelievable blessing,” she said.

They can walk to Florida Hospital to visit baby Kareesa any time they want.

“In addition to the connection and closeness, the gifts and the food and all the amenities here, it's just beyond my comprehension and I give all praise, honor and glory to lord Jesus Christ,” Grant said.

With this being the first time they’ve spent Christmas Day away from home, it’s one they said they will treasure and remember forever.

“The fact that they [the volunteers] took time out of their lives on Christmas and family to be here to make our families comfortable – that is just great,” Darrell Grant said.

Their baby girl shows signs of improving every day.

While they don’t know when she will get to go home just yet, for now they are continuing to count their blessings and praying for all of the other families that have to call the Ronald McDonald House home for the holidays.

“I’m just so thankful,” Grant said. “So thankful.”

The Grant family said after going through this experience that they plan to come back to the Ronald 
McDonald House next year to volunteer their time to other families facing hardships.