Some Central Florida fireworks tents seeing record sales

Many people in Central Florida are getting ready for the Fourth of July holiday by purchasing fireworks.

“We haven’t sold this much, this quickly, ever,” First American Fireworks employee Heather Denmark said.

A fireworks tent on Lake Mary Boulevard is having record sales this Fourth of July.

“Basically, people want our biggest things,” First American Fireworks Employee Lander Roark said. “That’s what’s been selling out the quickest.”

FILLMORE, CA - JUNE 30: Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

The workers said coronavirus is the reason for the boost in sales.

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“Lots of people coming in,” Roark said. “Lots of people wanting to buy lots of stuff. I think people are generally very excited about celebrating. Doing something, getting out of the house a bit. I think there’s also like a lot of people that are excited to celebrate the country again which is really cool.”

Customers FOX 35 spoke to said fireworks are the best way to celebrate the holiday during the pandemic.

“Can’t go to the beaches,” Phil Bottitta of Lake Mark said. “Can’t have big BBQs. All that’s been taken away. So, there will be a lot more fireworks.”

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If you’re going to be celebrating with fireworks, the workers at the tent said you should do so safely.

They want customers to follow the instructions on the package, have a fire extinguisher or a source of water on hand just in case and never point fireworks at another person.

The fireworks tent will close on the Fourth of July, but the workers said if they sell out of fireworks, they will close sooner.