Snowball fight! Police share heartwarming video of 'confrontation' with kids

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A team of SWAT officers in Washington found themselves outnumbered when they faced a group of young "attackers" armed with freshly formed snowballs. 

The Duvall Police Department posted video of the dramatic confrontation, showing members of its SWAT team racing to a local park with their sirens blaring. Once they arrive, the officers slowly get out of their vehicles with their shields up.

On Facebook the department wrote, "During inclement weather conditions, Duvall Officers were dispatched to a group of suspicious characters in a local park. Officers arrived and contacted a group of local hostiles, who were armed with improvised projectiles made out of fluffy snow."

The heartwarming video shows the officers outnumbered in a bona fide snowball fight with kids. One of the officers dramatically collapses onto the snow-covered field as he gets pegged.

The defeated SWAT team quickly retreats off the field, but not everyone makes it.  

"Officers put up a valiant effort, but were immediately out-gunned and numbers were just not on their side," the department wrote. "Officers apologize to Officer Clark who was left behind as they tactically retreated."

The post ends with the words, "Just another day in Duvall…"

Since posting the video to Facebook on Monday, it has been viewed more than 250,000 times, receiving a big thumbs-up from those the department serves.

Many expressed how much they appreciate its involvement, connection and dedication to the city, as one person simply commented, "Community policing at its finest." 

This story was reported from Oakland, Calif.