Smelly tap water prompts concerns in Melbourne

To quench your thirst, to brush your teeth, you turn on the water faucet.  But if you live in Melbourne, it stinks.

Now, residents and elected leaders are grossed out, concerned, and looking for a solution. Officials are dealing with blue green-algae, possibly toxins, and the stench of chlorine.

Melbourne‘s water department serves about 170,000 customers. Many of those customers say they are using only bottled water, because the situation right now is scary. Melbourne uses Lake Washington as a source. The water department says all the state requirements for quality are being met.

Treatment of the water with chemicals is adjusted as needed if there's a period of heavy rain.  However, so many people in the Melbourne area are worried about what's coming out of their tap --  because its discolored or smelly -- that they're reaching out to lawmakers.

"I'm concerned too," said Rep. Randy Fine.  "My kids drink this water. I drink Melbourne water. Are they getting the bad stuff out?"

At Lake Washington Park, signs are posted not to eat shellfish, not to swim, and if you're going to fish for dinner, clean your catch thoroughly. The Florida Department  of Health and the DEP are working with local officials to conduct more tests.

Rep. Randy Fine will hold a community meeting on July 30 from 4 to 6 to share what he's discovered and hear about those test results. It will be at Melbourne City Hall.