Small business sales boom over Thanksgiving holiday weekend

Local businesses are still counting the profits after the big holiday shopping weekend. 

Business owners say it’s helping them to pull out from their COVID losses, and there’s even more to look forward to. 

In Mount Dora, there’s a lot to celebrate, including small business owners who are bouncing back. 

Walk in the Woods saw sales numbers up 62% during this Black Friday and Small Business Saturday weekend compared to the same weekend in 2020. 

"Last year, of course, with the pandemic was very difficult. This year was awesome," said Dana Rocca, from Walk in the Woods.

Some retailers reported to the Chamber of Commerce they doubled their numbers. 

"Streets were packed. Streets were packed. Businesses were packed, the sidewalk," said Mount Dora Chamber of Commerce President Rachel O’Ryan.

"Compared to last year, I’d say maybe we’re up about 20%," said Joel Maas, of Pepilio.

Business owners in Mount Dora hope it stays that way with more festivals and parades planned through the holiday season. 

"It is a huge impact, so of course with COVID, everybody stayed in. This year, you can tell people are out. They’re ready to celebrate," O’Ryan said.

"This year, we really needed a good year after the summer and everything. It was really busy. I mean it was packed," Maas said.

Mount Dora has a Christmas Walk planned for Friday night, where businesses will stay open later for shoppers. 

Parades are planned for Saturday. They expect a huge turnout yet again this coming weekend.