SkyFox aids in capture of wanted man

A stand off in Surprise ended safely thanks to the help of SkyFox and a ladder. Surprise Police showed up at the home to arrest a man wanted for domestic violence. There was one problem, officers say he refused to cooperate and the SWAT team had to be called in. It turns out the man was hiding on the roof and was spotted by some eyes in the sky.

"The Surprise Police Department brought in some additional resources including our crisis negotiations team, and they actively started negotiations," said a police spokesperson.

Authorities say somehow the suspect got onto the roof of the home. SkyFox video shows the man looking nonchalant as he laid on the roof trying to hide from police. Once FOX 10 alerted officers the suspect's cover was blown and he began yelling at authorities as they tried to coax him down. Moments later negotiations talked him off the roof where he was quickly taken into custody.

"The men and women of the Surprise Police Department are just happy that this came to a peaceful resolution and they were able to get this guy into custody and put the child back in the arms of her mother," said a spokesperson.

Police say the little girl was unharmed in the ordeal. The suspect in the case was identified as Raul Aranda and he is now facing a number of charges.