Skeletal remains founds in Edgewater

Police are investigating the discovery of skeletal remains, found in the woods in Edgewater.  Officers roped the area off while crime scene investigators tried to figure out the identity of the deceased and exactly what happened.

Around 11 Tuesday morning, a worker clearing brush in the area made the gruesome discovery. This was on Pullman Road in Edgewater near an industrial park.

Police Chief David Arcieri said there didn’t seem to be any attempt made to hide or conceal it. They also haven’t found any clothes or personal items in the area.

The body is badly decomposed, so much so that they can not tell the identity, age or even the gender of this person.

“We’re going to rely on the Medical Examiner to provide us with those answers, hopefully we’ll have them before the end of next week. I don’t anticipate it’ll be anything forthcoming too soon. As soon as we have that information I’ll make it available,” Arcieri said.

Edgewater locals have been trying to find a 17-year-old girl, Ashlyn Bowman, who has been missing since June.  Many of them now thinking the worst – that police may have discovered her body.

Police stress that it may take a couple of weeks before any firm identification can be made.