Sinkhole opens up at Leesburg retirement community

Management at a Lake County retirement community says a sinkhole has opened up in the middle of one of their roads. 

Officials at Arlington Ridge, which is just south of Leesburg, say they noticed a depression on Arlington Ridge Boulevard Sunday morning. They shut down the area. And by Monday afternoon, SkyFox showed a large hole in the ground. 

“Every time I hear about a sinkhole it makes me nervous,” said Jill Kopasz, who lives in the community. 
Community management says the hole isn’t threatening any homes. Right now, residents are just dealing with a detour. 

“It is gonna be a pain because they built the back and there’s no way to get around some of these roads so maybe we’ll be bicycling or something,” Kopasz said with a laugh. 

Arlington Ridge says engineers have already been on property to look at the sinkhole and crews are working to fill it in. Community leaders say once it’s filled, the engineer will be making another visit to see if anything else needs to be done to stabilize the ground.