Sinkhole opens between 2 homes in The Villages

A sinkhole has opened up between two homes in The Villages. Neighbors on both sides nervously kept an eye on it as it grew on Monday.

“It's kind of scary,” said Ron Wambach, who can see it from his breakfast table.

The residents discovered the sinkhole on Monday morning; they say it's gotten considerably bigger since then. Deputies with the Lake County Sheriff's Office suggested Wambach clear out. 

“He said you, 'May wanna leave,'” Wombach recalled. “I said, 'Well, I guess that’s one of the options I have.'  I said, 'I'll hang around until tonight, and I'll see what things look like.'”

Wambach said his neighbors have already left. The sinkhole is much closer to their house. You can see where it already reaches their foundation. He worries he may have to pay for repairs if it reaches his house, too.

“You know there's no insurance for sinkholes,” Wambach said.

We've reached out to local emergency personnel to find out what they'll do about the sinkhole. We haven't heard anything back yet.

Wambach tells us he'll probably spend the night with friends.