Shooting investigation in Marion County

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting in an Ocala suburb. Deputies say they have the suspect, Angel Daniel Blanco, in custody.

Neighbors, like Nubia Ball, are shocked that a shooting happened right in their neighborhood.

“Not only because it's hot, but also because... you never know!” Ball said, “things can happen at any time!”

Deputies say there was a dispute between 28 year old Blanco and 67 year old Ronald Rowley, who live in the same house. Deputies say they got into an argument while Blanco was cooking in the kitchen. Rowley was shot several times. Another person inside the house witnessed the whole thing

“When we got there,” explained Lauren Lettelier, spokesperson for the Marion County Sheriff's Office, “there was a witness inside the house that was able to tell us that the subject involved in the altercation that led to the shooting had fled the residence in a vehicle.”

Sheriff's office helicopters tracked down Blanco, who didn't resist arrest. “We were able to take him into custody at that point and detain him,” Lettelier said.

Neighbors say it was a quiet street till today. “After this, it's kind of scary,” Ball said, “because you never know!”

Deputies say Rowley is in critical but stable condition at a local hospital. Blanco is charged with premeditated attempted murder.