Sheriff tells permitted citizens to always arm themselves wherever they go

Sheriff Ivey of Brevard County is going viral after making a video regarding the many recent terrorist attacks and how you can combat them by carrying a weapon.

The Sheriff recently posted a video on the Brevard County Sheriff's Office Facebook page with the warning "We can't afford to sit back and wait for the next act of terrorism." 

In the video, Sheriff Ivey, tells citizens that because of all the recent terrorist attacks on innocent and law-abiding citizens, one should prepare themselves for any possible future attack by arming yourself, as it up to "you and those around you to neutralize or eliminate the threat" until law enforcement arrives.

He even encourages that if you have a concealed carry permit, "carry your gun on with you at all times possible," as it is not "doing you any good at your house." 

The video also shows Sheriff Ivey criticizing Britain's Run, Hide, and Tell technique that was used in the recent London attacks.

Sheriff Ivey does also state that individuals should practice every week, going as far as to recommend Brevard County's 'Self Defense Through Tactical Shooting and Decision Making' class.

However, if one does not want to carry a firearm, Sheriff Ivey says in the video to at least carry an "intermediate weapon," such as a taser.

Sheriff Ivey visited the Fox 35 studio to expand on his statements made in the recent viral Facebook video.

Ivey told anchor Amy Kaufeldt that the time has passed for "sitting back, not doing anything, and thinking it will not happen here." He went on to say that a terrorist attack will happen, it is just a matter and "when and where the next attack is and how many lives will be taken."

Sheriff Ivey did continue to stress the importance of practice though, as that you should "practice with it and think forward. You can't wait for the emergency to happen to go into action. Part of what our video does is encourage people to take our class. We have a self-defense shooting and decision making class. And, our class is as much about when not to shoot as when to shoot and we want to make sure our citizens are prepared in every capacity."

Visit the Brevard County Sheriff's Office website for more information, including ways you can help save your life in the middle of an attack.