Sheriff: Teen threatened to shoot up school

A 13-year-old, expelled from his school, is being held in juvenile detention after threatening to shoot it up, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said.

"There's a young boy who has fallen down, bruises all over his face. He's kinda coherent, but he's not," a caller told a 911 dispatch operator.

The caller spotted the teenager on the ground. Deputies say he was found drunk, lying on a road near Champions Gate. 

"He got a bottle of liquor from his parents and took some 'happy pills' and the combination of the two wiped him out," explained Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. 

Judd said his deputies took the teen into custody for a mental health evaluation.

"He's saying stuff like, 'I want to die and see God. I want to shoot up the Westside K-8 school in Osceola Cty.'  He said he wanted to be the next school shooter. He said he wanted to shoot kids, because they snitched on him," Sheriff Judd said.

Sheriff Judd says the boy was expelled from Westside Middle School in February for threatening kids and also had pictures of the Parkland shooter and Columbine shooting in his PlayStation. 

Deputies said the teen's parents are cooperating with authorities.

"This is the kind of kid that, if we don't take seriously and he shows up at a mall, at a church, at a school with a gun, you'd be looking back and go 'How many more signs did you need?'"

Sheriff Judd said the teen claimed to have a gun. Deputies searched but did not find the weapon.