Sheriff honors drivers who came to deputy's aid

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They went far beyond the call of duty to come to the rescue of a Polk County deputy who was being pummeled.

On Monday, Sheriff Grady Judd gave three men commendations and a dozen steak dinners for their bravery.

"If you want to look at real heroes, here they are," the sheriff told a packed crowd of family, supporters, and colleagues.

Last month, Master Deputy Mike Walsh saw a car go through a stop sign.  So, Walsh pulled him over on nearby Camellia Road in Winter Haven.

Despite the officer's commands to stay in the car, the driver -- identified by deputies as Corey Johnson -- got out and started pummeling Walsh and grabbing for his gun.

"He was striking wildly," Walsh recalled.

Walsh fought back, but Johnson got the upper hand and Walsh went down. Three drivers, who just happened to be passing by, stopped to help.

George Cooper says he got Johnson off Walsh.  Johnson ran, and Antonio Velasquez tried to  tackle him. Eventually, the men got Johnson under control and held him until backup deputies arrived.

The men are now being celebrated as heroes, but they don't think they are.

Referring to the men and women in uniform, Carver told us, "They're the heroes.  They do it every day."