Seminole County schools to require face masks for students

Seminole County Public Schools finalized plans to welcome students back soon. Some of those changes include policies around wearing masks.

Seminole County School Board members voted unanimously on Tuesday to have all students wearing masks heading into the new school year.

School Board members say their decisions were based on science and facts.

"I have to say, I have to base my decision not on emotion, not on politics, not even on education. To me, this is a public health issue," said member Tina Calderone. "I have never seen an issue that has been presented before is that has become so divisive."

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The school mandate requires everyone - from students to visitors - wear masks, including on the bus. This goes for all students from pre-K through 12th grade.

Abby Sanchez says schools need to be proactive.

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"We have to make sure our staff, employees, and students are safe. One death is too many, guys."

There are exceptions for students and staff who have pre-existing medical issues or exclusions in their individual educational plans.

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