Second Orlando business targeted by suspected arsonist

Orlando Fire is investigating a second suspected arson to a business in the city. Both happened Friday morning within hours of each other.

Orlando Fire investigators believe someone intentionally set fire to Goff's, an ice cream shop, early Friday morning. FOX 35 Orlando is now learning just three hours after that, Bem Bom on Corrine, an Orlando restaurant was also targeted.

The owners of Bem Bom on Corrine say around 9:30 a.m. on Friday surveillance video shows a man making a device with a can, lighting it on fire, and placing it behind the business near their gas tanks. Fortunately, just minutes later an employee showed up, the fire was put out before it spread and caused any damage. Orlando Fire is now investigating the incident as arson.

Goff's and Bem Bom on Corrine businesses are about five miles apart. Orlando Fire doesn't believe the two are connected but, the co-owner of Bem Bom on Corrine believes it's very strange.

"It’s crazy it doesn’t make any sense," said AJ Campofiore, the co-owner of Bem Bom on Corrine. "The same morning? It’s odd. I even asked the officer on the scene. It seems ironic that there’s two of these in the same day."

Bem Bom staff is sending their love and support to Goff's which was sadly destroyed by the fire. And, they're feeling thankful they were able to put out the flames in time to save their business. 

"It worked out good timing-wise. It wasn’t a long dragged-out thing where it caught the table on fire, caught the umbrella on fire, no," said Campofiore. "We’re very lucky, and we’re happy."

Orlando Fire says they have identified the Bem Bom on Corrine arson suspect, but are still looking for the suspect from the fire at Goff's.