Search for suspect in possible kidnapping

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Daytona Beach police are searching for a man they believe was possibly involved in the kidnapping of a woman.

Police said they were called to the Speedway Gas Station on U.S. 92 Monday night. That is where witnesses told police three men pulled up to get gas.

According to witnesses, one of the men got out of the car and walked into the gas station to buy gas. When he returned to the car, witnesses said the man briefly opened the trunk and a woman was seen inside covered in a blanket.

Witnesses told police they could not determine if the woman was in distress or not. They did tell officers the man told her to "watch your head" before closing the trunk.

Police are now looking for a 2014 Hyundai Elantra with an Ohio license plate number GHS5943.

Anyone with information on this case should call Daytona Beach Police.