School safety meeting being held, hopes of increased funding

A special meeting is being held to talk about protecting students.

Seminole County Public Schools already has a school resource officer at every school in the district, but one of the things that the state might be able to help with is adding another school resource officer at each school in the county. 

The board is meeting for the first time since the tragedy in Parkland, Florida on Tuesday afternoon. 

The district has an estimated $8.4 million budget for school safety and a full-time school safety director that is an employee of the district and the sheriff's office. 

Fox 35 reporter Dana Jay spoke to the school safety director, who said that his officers are constantly reviewing security at the schools. He went on to say that "we have a mapped out overhaul plan we're looking at, as far as primary fencing, access control, visitor check-in, and we're on track. And obviously, an infusion of money from the state or federal level would help us spring forward a little bit on that aspect."

Seminole County Public Schools also uses an app that allows teachers or any adult staffer on campus to report an active shooting in real-time. They are the only district in the state that uses that app.