School districts plan, prepare for eclipse

School districts across central Florida are preparing for Monday’s solar eclipse.

Officials in counties like Volusia, Lake and Marion have announced they have plans to make sure no kids get hurt by looking at the rare sight.

“If you look at the eclipse without the proper eyewear, it can severely affect your vision and even cause blindness,” said Robert Edgcomb, a community information specialist with the Volusia County School district.

He says administrators are reaching out to staff members and parents about the eclipse, which will be unfolding from around 1:30 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. Monday. It’s around the same time kids are getting out of school.

“Some of our afterschool activities like sports and extended day, we’re requesting, we’re talking to those programs and people about keeping students inside while the eclipse is happening to keep everybody safe,” Edgcomb explained.

Marion and Lake County School districts also say they will move activities inside during the eclipse. Parents FOX 35 spoke to in the pickup line Monday afternoon say they’re happy to hear about the precautions.

“I’m glad that they’re trying to get the info for our safety and every child in the school,” Ana Rodriguez said.

FOX 35 also reached out to other area school districts. Both Osceola County and Seminole County officials say they are working on a plan for the solar eclipse and will release it soon.