Sanford man seeks 2 strangers who saved his life: 'They're true heroes'

Lewis Alexander, from Sanford, hopes to thank the good Samaritans who recently saved his life. A bandage covered the wound that Alexander says nearly cost him his life after a bicycle accident. 

"I wrecked my bike and I lost a lot of blood. Ended up in the hospital," he said.

Alexander said the deep gash nearly reached his femoral artery. "I yelled for help," he recalled. 

He said the accident happened while he was riding his electric bicycle, and he says he slipped on some gravel. "I lost it, and then I looked down and just saw blood."

That's when the Sanford resident says some Good Samaritans came to his rescue. 

"There was a lady next to me holding my hand, telling me everything was going to be okay. She applied pressure. I know a guy put a tourniquet on me," Alexander said.

Alexander said he never got their names, or a proper chance to express his gratitude. "Because there are some people that stopped and helped somebody they didn't even know, and that's all I want is to thank them."

He also has high praise for the medical staff at Lake Monroe Hospital who treated his wounds. 

"I didn't know what was going on, I didn't know if I was living or dying, but they really brought a lot of peace to me."

Alexander says without these people, he probably wouldn't be here. 

"They're true heroes," he said, "they just helped, and they're gone."